Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why has Learn My Way changed?

We're really proud of our flagship learning site and the role it's had in helping us support almost 2 million people gain basic digital skills.

However, we know the site has never been suitable for all learners, and we also know that the needs of those without basics digital skills, and the technology they're most likely to use has changed a lot in the last few years.

That's why we've spent the last few months developing a brand new look, feel and functionality for Learn My Way

What's changed?

  • A new overall design and navigation for the whole site
  • New course collections. Courses will be collected by subject, such as ‘Finding a job online', ‘Online safety' and ‘Online basics'.
  • A new design for all courses. Very little course content has changed but they do have a new look and no longer open in a new ‘pop-out' screen.
  • All courses and indeed the whole site will be smartphone and tablet compatible.
  • A new look learner homepage will make it easy for them to view their progress across all subjects and courses, and download certificates for the one's they've completed.

Have we removed any courses?

All courses have moved over to the new version of the site - though some have changed names slightly.

Are the literacy and numeracy initial assessments still available?

Yes! They're available in the tutor section and at the bottom of the subjects page for all learners.

Are the Digital Champion materials/courses still available?

Yes! The first course is available now and we have recently added additional resources and courses to the tutor section - more will be added on an ongoing basis.

Can we still deliver the accredited City and Guilds Online Basics certificate through the site?

You can still deliver the City and Guilds Online Basics certificate through Learn My Way and your learners will be able to complete the accredited part of Online Basics on the website.

What has happened to all the additional information such as links to related resources on sites outside of Learn My Way?

All resources associated with a particular subject area (such as saving money or internet safety) will be accessible on the subject area page just underneath the list of courses, and on the individual course pages themselves.

We think this means you'll always know where to go for courses, information and resources about a particular subject, whether or not it's been produced by Good Things Foundation for Learn My Way, or it's a recommended resource made by someone else.

You can also search for particular resources (or courses) from the subjects page.

Does the learner activity still show on the Management Information?

Yes! Any activity by a logged in learner registered to your centre will show up in your MI on the UK online centres website.

Will learners still be able to get certificates?

Yes, learners can print a certificate from their 'completed' tab on the learner homepage. A certificate is available once they have fully completed 1 or more subjects - and it can be printed as many times as required as they complete more subjects.

Do people's existing accounts carry across to the new look site? Will learning records be saved?

Yes! Log in details for existing accounts will work on the new-look website and all learning that has been carried out, courses completed, certificates etc, will also be carried across, whether they've used the old site or the preview site.

Is the audio on as default, if yes can this setting be changed?

No, the audio function is turned off by default but can be turned on easily.

Are there any plans to update the learning content or create new courses?

Yes, courses are being created and updated on a regular basis. We'd love to hear your ideas and thoughts.

Where will the Money My Way resources be on the new site?

The Money My Way resources can be found Managing your money online subject section in the Resources section, below the course list.

I can't find a course or resource I used on the old site, what do I do?

One of our favourite new features on the site is the search function. If you head to the subjects page, you can use the search box to look for anything.

Will learner management sections still be the same? Where will the CaptureIT learner management tool be to log our funded delivery?

From the logged in tutor homepage, you can see Learner Management as one of the three main tabs.

Do you still need Flash Player to access the courses?

The vast majority of content is HTML only, meaning you won't need Flash Player.

There are just 3 exceptions, and these are not part of the core Learn My Way 'journey'. You only need to enable Flash player for Learn My Way if your learning team wish to use:

  1. City and Guilds Online Basics assessment (this is a paid-for assessment)
  2. Initial Assessment literacy
  3. Initial Assessment numeracy

Why do you have to provide an address if they don't have a telephone number or email address?

This is to evidence to funders that we are supporting unique individuals within England.

Any other questions?

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